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Feedback-Informed, Integrative Therapy Services in Murfreesboro, Tennessee


Hi, I'm Dakota. I'm a therapist. 

I’ve dedicated my life to helping adults and teens heal from the pain of their past, navigate the present, and grow towards a future of joy and fulfillment. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC-MHSP) and an expert in whole-person, whole-body care. I specialize in working with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, trauma, and more. We all have to find new ways of being in the world from time-to-time. I'm here to help you on that path. 
Psychotherapy is a collaborative experiment. I'll meet you where you're at and together, we'll devise a solution that works best for you. I strive to hold a safe space for us to collaborate on the goals that are most meaningful to you. You don't have to have all the answers. Let's figure it out together.



/ Noun / Dee Ess Em /

1. Abbreviation for the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders," a comprehensive classification of officially recognized psychiatric disorders for use by mental health professionals. The DSM describes symptoms, not the causes of disorders.

2. Abbreviation for DeStigmatize Me,

an approach focusing on reducing the stigma associated with mental health services. 

Leave the stigma at the door

We all need help from time to time! There is absolutely no shame in that.

I offer therapy under the assumption that we're all doing the best we can. Sometimes, we just need a little more support. It's okay not to be okay. Feel free to leave the shame at my door. 

Our diagnosis does not define us

Let's be real: diagnosis is important, but it does not have to define us.


I offer therapy that engages all the wonderful, painful, messy, mismatched parts of our lives; therapy that takes into account mind, body, and spirit. Discover how to live a life that makes room for the pain, the joy, and the adventure in between.

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Feedback-Informed, Integrative Care

Chronic Pain - Trauma - Attachment - Anxiety - Depression - Mindfulness - Stress - Cancer - Relationship Issues - Men's Issues - Stress - Adjusting to Change

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Services I Offer

Chronic Pain - Trauma - EMDR - Attachment - Anxiety - Depression - Mindfulness - Stress - Cancer - Relationship Issues - Men's Issues - Stress - Adjusting to Change

In-Person Therapy

I’ve dedicated my life to helping adults and adolescents heal from the pain of their past, navigate the challenges of the present, and grow towards lives that bring them joy and fulfillment. You may be dealing with chronic pain, depression, trauma, or just feel lost or stuck, and that’s okay. I provide in-person trauma informed, whole-body psychotherapy services from my office in Murfreesboro, TN. 


Accessible, affordable therapy services have never been more important! I offer online therapy sessions through HIPPA compliant, secure video platforms and Zoom. Telehealth offers clients flexible scheduling options outside normal office hours and can be accessed from any web-connected device. Note: Tele-therapy still requires all participants to be located within TN state lines at the time of our appointment. 


Therapy shouldn't break the bank. Our session fees range between $75-$125 per therapy hour. While we do not accept insurance at this time, we do accept HSAs and can offer "super bills" you can submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. 


Currently offering both in-person and telehealth sessions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 10am-6pm as well as Thursdays & Fridays between 1pm-8pm. 

Cancellation Policy

For any missed appointments with no prior notice or appointments  cancelled with less than 24-hours notice, clients will be responsible for paying the full session fee. Outside of the 24-hour window, all rescheduling and cancellations are free!

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