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Mindfulness is defined as an intentional moment-to-moment awareness of one’s experience, without judgement. This awareness is a state that can be brought about through practice and has been shown to have several benefits for the brain and various emotional difficulties.


Some of these benefits include improved focus, increased cognitive flexibility, decreased emotional reactivity, and stress reduction. Mindfulness can be practiced independently but is often used in conjunction with other therapeutic modalities such as ACT or CBT

Image by Fabian Møller

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction:

Book_Full Catastrophe.jpg

Full Catastrophe Living by John Kabat-Zinn

Book by Jon Kabat-Zinn about utilizing mindfulness meditations to reduce stress, pain, and illness.

Mindfulness for Everybody: 

Book_10p Happier.jpg

10% Happier by Dan Harris

An accessible and easy-to-ready exploration of mindfulness and meditation by Nightline anchor Dan Harris. A great starting place for those who are just learning about mindfulness.

Mindfulness for Kids & Teachers: 


Self-Regulation & Mindfulness by Varleisha Gibbs

Self-Regulation & Mindfulness is based on the latest neuroscience and aims to provide practical, kid friendly lessons to help children about their brain and body, so they learn regulate tough emotions and behaviors.

Nashville Mindfulness Resources: 



A wonderful website for Nashvillians and those living nearby. Mindful 615 collects local resources and puts them all in one place. Easy to find a local weekly meditation group or an introductory group class for beginners.

Trauma & Mindfulness: 


The Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Podcast with David Treleaven

A monthly podcast hosted by David Treleaven featuring a variety of guests discussing how mindfulness, meditation, and trauma all interact.


Podcast_10p happer.jpg

Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

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